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It’s a widely held notion that technology in the insurance brokerage industry is behind the times.

Our industry has surprisingly few options for automating our agencies.

When you focus your technology on your customers, you can change entire models of doing business.

Pointing in the Wrong Direction

Here’s what’s wrong with today’s agency technology. Banking changed while we were idle.

By  Christopher Gagnon

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If we are to grow our agencies and keep pace with the rest of the world, we can no longer sit back and accept automation as defined 40 years ago. The agency management system vendors need our direction, insight and experience—not just at a detailed level but to define the overall direction of automation in our industry.

Agency systems that are built with the customer at the center more accurately reflect how we do business. The direct beneficiaries will be our customers. As history has demonstrated, this is always the right direction.

Gagnon is The Council’s director of strategic technology and president of Tiebeam Partners.

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