The commercial insurance industry is looking for bright young talent.

It's the hottest entry-level career you've never heard of.

Insurance. Not your door-to-door salesman trying to smooth-talk your grandma into upping the plan on her '75 LeSabre. We're talking high-risk commercial insurance – for Fortune 500s, movies, sports teams, international trade deals, space launches and...Heidi Klum's legs?

It's a fast-paced industry that offers exposure to every type of business you can imagine. And it needs talented young people to steer its future. People with the acumen to identify potential risks at concert halls and construction sites. People with the nerves to take a leading role in helping others recover from natural disasters.

People – we're hoping – like you.

Whether you're good with numbers, words or people, there's room in commercial insurance for you to make a solid contribution right from the start and build a highly-rewarding career. The jobs are there, and the sector is eager to welcome you into its ranks. And Leader's Edge is here to help.

As part of the industry-leading Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers, Leader's Edge is leveraging some of the field's top expertise to bring you quality resources to help you prepare for, enter and excel in commercial insurance.

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