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Just Sayin by Tom Batchelder

November 2012
Skill & Will
Who’s ready for change on your staff? As much as change is inevitable, who’s on board when you’re steering might help you avoid catastrophe.

October 2012
Strategic Selling
Grow where you are planted and keep the sales pipeline full.

September 2012
Look Who's Talking
Earn your clients’ loyalty by listening and learning their business. Then solve their problems.

July/August 2012
The Jurassic Age of insurance brokerage was about relationships, napkins and golf games.

June 2012
Fear of Dialing
Why some producers just can’t make the call.

May 2012
Get Over Yourself
Few people are comfortable selling themselves. Here’s how you can make it easier and sound less arrogant.

April 2012
The Last Mile
Brokers need to face their fears and change—or be left behind.

March 2012
Love Me!
Please, please, please, please, please, please… (Oops. I just lost the sale.)

December 2011
Love Actually
Show your prospects compassion. Every person sitting across the table from you struggles with insecurities, so empathize and drop the false front.

November 2011
Next New ‘New’
Beware the next newest, greatest, best sales approach. Commitment, patience and follow-through still pay off.

October 2011
Sales Improv
Like comedic goofballs, structured spontaneity is serious business. Use it to facilitate a conversation that leads to a sale.

September 2011
Blabber Fests
Avoid them. Stay on track. How? Read on.

July/August 2011
Faked Detachment
If you can’t detach yourself from the next big sale, learn how to fake it well—or pay the consequences.

June 2011
Don’t let your prospect lead you, delay you or control the conversation.

May 2011
Truth or Consequences
Ask these five questions of new prospects to learn what they really want.

April 2011
Dating Game
Sales is just like dating. You want to be confident, attractive and persistent—but not desperate.

March 2011
Bucket List
Your way of thinking, your language and the process you use dictate your sales success. Let us help you improve all three.

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