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Move Like a Sprinter, Think Like a Long-Distance Runner
Kevin Kelley moves from Lexington to Ironshore and quickly makes his mark.

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Changing the Mindset of Medical Liability
Medical malpractice case verdicts continue to be a high stakes gamble. Health courts may increase the odds of fair compensation and improve patient safety.

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Obama, O'Canada, Oh No!
Obama’s hastily crafted government healthcare program could create Canadian-style health care in America.

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Exquisite Lines of Risk
Lux Italian horsepower is steeped in tradition and risk.

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Take Control or Take a Chance
Take control of your destiny or the market will. Organic growth is all about taking charge, not relinquishing your future to chance.


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Insurance Wholesalers -- Kevin Amrhein
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Max Benefit
Newly formed Max Specialty relies on wholesalers to consistently and quickly grow its business.

Current Legal Issues -- Scott Sinder
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My Way
As some regulators push for uniformity, they’re thwarted by attitudes of “I don’t care what the rest of you are doing; we do it best in my state, and I’m not changing.”

Regulatory Issues -- Joel Wood
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Moving Target
Healthcare reform is a moving target. Unfortunately, that target right now is insurers.

International Risk -- Coletta Kemper
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Party Crasher
Michael Jackson’s promoter learned the hard way that sometimes fate overtakes events. Be prepared in case it happens to your client.

Human Resources -- Julia Kramer
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Into The Wind
Damn the results. I’m doing it my way!

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