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Regulatory News

Director of Insurance Linda Hall announced a reduction in several fees charged in association with fingerprint and background checks.  The new fee schedule is available at the division’s Web site. www.dced.state.ak.us/insurance/

BULLETIN 2007-3 updates the state’s fingerprint and background check fees. www.id.state.az.us/

Commissioner Steve Poizner appoints Tony Cignarale deputy commissioner of Consumer Services and Market Conduct. www.insurance.ca.gov

The insurance department’s 2007 legislative report is now available on the department’s Web site. www.ct.gov/cid/cwp/view.asp?Q=299458&A=1260

Hawaii Insurance Commissioner J.P. Schmidt testified before Congress on legislation that would address the availability and affordability of homeowners insurance; including, coverage on investment-oriented properties. The commissioner’s testimony is available on the NAIC Web site, www.naic.org. www.hawaii.gov/insurance

The Office of Insurance has posted a listing of mandated benefits on its Web site. The list includes a citation for the statutory authority behind the benefit mandate. http://doi.ppr.ky.gov/kentucky/

The insurance department publishes a report on the employment of women and ethnic minorities in the state’s insurance sector. www.ldi.la.gov/whats_new/whats_new_menu.htm

Fred Heese will serve as the new chief financial examiner for the Insurance Solvency & Company Regulation Division. Heese previously oversaw financial examinations of insurance companies as audit manager. He is a certified public accountant and a certified financial examiner. He has been serving as acting chief financial examiner for the department since April of this year.  www.insurance.mo.gov/

The insurance department Web site carries a warning concerning the self-payment and non-reporting of workers comp claims, which is illegal. www.doi.ne.gov/notices/notc2007/notice07.pdf

Bulleting INS No. 07-068-AB addresses issues related to guaranteed issue provisions for individual health insurance policies. www.nh.gov/insurance/

The insurance department has launched a Web page devoted to recent changes in laws and rules governing health insurance claims handling, prior authorization and unitization management appeals. www.state.nj.us/dobi/chap352/352implementnotice.html

Commissioner Jim Long is calling for stronger building codes in coastal areas. Long called on The Building Code Council to adopt the international model provisions that require windborne debris protection everywhere east of the 120 mph wind zone line and within one mile of the coast in the 110 mph area. www.ncdoi.com/Media/media_home.asp

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