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YouTube Star
Bob Klonk’s disarming brilliance, arm-twisting passion and YouTube stardom are changing your world—and lightening your wallet.

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Alternative Medicine
Medical concierge service: alternative healthcare for a price.

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Opportunity Knocks: Special Healthcare Reform Section
>> Healthcare reform morphs group benefits into a new business paradigm. >> Gaming the Massachusetts system makes it most expensive. >> New Rules for Highly Paid Workers >> Medicare Tax Subsidy Cut >> Basics of the New Healthcare Reform Law >> Benefits Firm M&A Will Change >> 2020 Vision--Looking back from the year 2020 to explain the impact of 2010 healthcare reform.

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Wholesaler brokers can often cover what retail brokers can’t.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Wholesale-Nomics, a White Paper on insurnace wholesalers, appears at the end of this article.

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Who's on First
Smart hiring gets you an A-team. Who is always on first. What is on second. You’ll have to read the book to find the fate of third—and there’s nothing funny about any of this.


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Insurance Wholesalers -- Kevin Amrhein
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Chance Encounter
Two guys meet. Two guys talk. MarketScout Wholesale is born.

Current Legal Issues -- Scott Sinder
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Young and Old
When it comes to healthcare reform, it pays to be grandfathered and it pays to be under 26 and on your parent’s group policy.

Regulatory Issues -- Joel Wood
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In today’s hard-edged partisan congressional culture, it’s nice to see some surplus thought going into insurance legislation. The founding fathers would be proud.

International Risk -- Coletta Kemper
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Oxymorons Among Us
Remind your government decision-makers what good regulation should look like: First, do no harm. Second, find the real problem.

Human Resources -- Julia Kramer
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Jockeying for Position
Learn how to keep your competitive office thoroughbreds on track and reach the finish line in one piece.

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