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Regulatory News

Releases color-coded map of the state depicting landslide risks by region (but not neighborhood or street). Risk determined by geographical formations and landslide history but doesn’t take rain or earthquakes into consideration.

Asks feds for healthcare reform waiver for individual market. State currently allows insurers to report 60% MLRs and thinks change to 80% will cause carriers to abandon individual sales. Commissioner wants graduated increase to 75% by 2013.

Gov. Rick Scott signs omnibus insurance bill (S.B. 408) into law. It shortens the time for filing sinkhole and storm-related damage claims and limits sinkhole damage claims to primary structures. It also allows insurers to pass on reinsurance costs to policyholders. >> H.B. 479, a medical malpractice reform bill, passes both houses. It requires out-of-state doctors to apply for certification to testify in Florida trials and provides immunity for doctors who volunteer to help high school and college sports teams. Gov. Rick Scott expected to sign into law.

Gov. Nathan Deal signs law allowing purchase of health insurance across state lines, making it the second state (Wyoming was the first) to enact such a law. Insurers selling individual plans don’t have to offer the minimum coverage under Georgia state law, which includes benefits such as contraceptives and well child care. Even Georgia insurers can sell policies that don’t meet minimum standards if those policies are approved in other states. The Department of Insurance will write the details of the rules for those carriers. Consumers with disputes can still turn to Georgia courts or the Department of Insurance for resolution.

Publishes fact sheet that includes guidance on enrolling a civil union spouse under employer’s health plan. Insurance Department also issues bulletin to ensure carriers comply with new civil union law that became effective June 1.

Jim Newins named P-C Division director at Insurance Department. He has been at the department since 1988 in various positions.

Louisville fire department to start charging insurers for services on structure fires this summer. Fee amounts not settled yet. >> New law streamlines process for agent licensing for members of armed services or their spouses. Active duty servicemen can renew licenses or certificates without dues or fees, and they are not required to obtain continuing educational credits or meet any other renewal requirements. Spouses can obtain temporary agent license without meeting insurance code requirements if they meet certain conditions. Law includes National Guard troops.

Emma Fontenot assumes position as deputy commissioner for health insurance. She was program manager at the state’s Department of Health and Hospitals and before that was an insurance compliance specialist examination manager with the Department of Insurance. She replaces Scott Kipper, who left to head the Office of Group Benefits.

Insurance Superintendent Mila Kofman resigns, citing philosophical differences with the Republican governor, Paul LePage. She was particularly at odds with his administration’s health insurance bills this legislative session.

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