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The Wizard of Worcester
Fred Eppinger comes home to save a failing carrier and ends up reviving a glorious theater and the spirits of a struggling town.

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Changing the Mindset of Medical Liability
Medical malpractice case verdicts continue to be a high stakes gamble. Health courts may increase the odds of fair compensation and improve patient safety.

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Blow Hard
Florida’s combative insurance commissioner, Kevin McCarty, sees no knockout punch from a major storm in his state’s future.

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Exquisite Lines of Risk
Lux Italian horsepower is steeped in tradition and risk.

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Hog Heaven
Burn up the road less traveled by revving up your organic growth. Catch an enlightening ride with your client instead of steering straight down your lane to the sale.


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Insurance Wholesalers -- Kevin Amrhein
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Retailers shoot themselves in the foot thinking they pay the cost of wholesaler brokers, when it’s actually the carriers.

Current Legal Issues -- Scott Sinder
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Bankrupt Coverage
Think you, as an officer or director are covered in a bankruptcy? Think again. The devil is in the details of the D&O policy.

Regulatory Issues -- Joel Wood
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The 15% Solution
If a government health plan is imposed, will it be treated like private plans? Pay premium taxes to states? Allow brokers to sell it?

International Risk -- Coletta Kemper
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When Pigs Fly
Your business or client may not be covered for a swine flu pandemic. It’s time to get your house in order for the expected surge.

Human Resources -- Julia Kramer
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Bad Cop
We all have a good cop and bad cop in us. Learn to deal with the bad cop so it doesn’t ruin your working relationships.

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