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The Gould Life
Jackie’s World (Is A Very Cool Space). She turns Assurance into an adventure.

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Titanic Trail of Intrigue
Murder, fraud, theft, sex, alcohol and mayhem—this is not your father’s insurance company.

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Smashing Houses
The Institute of Building and Home Safety plans new test facility that aims to fortify construction and could cut property-casualty claims costs.

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Exquisite Lines of Risk
Lux Italian horsepower is steeped in tradition and risk.

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Make Sure Your Acquisition Does Not Fail
10 tips for buyers and sellers to make the deal go through.

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Insurance Wholesalers -- Kevin Amrhein
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Consolidation Squeeze
Retailers are concerned about effects of wholesaler consolidations on their access to markets.

Current Legal Issues -- Scott Sinder
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What If?
What if AIG actually failed? What happens then?

Regulatory Issues -- Joel Wood
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The path of least resistance for Congress may prove hazardous for insurance companies: federal regulation without preemption of duplicative or conflicting state laws.

International Risk -- Coletta Kemper
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No Quick Fix
“Buy American” sounds patriotic, but it would only plunge our economy deeper into the abyss.

Human Resources -- Julia Kramer
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Brake Lights Ahead
Career stalled? Try these rules of the road: Stay alert for tailgating, traffic jams and new intersections.

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