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Brokerage Workplace
Hirings, Firings & Layoffs
As the economy recovers, key staff may leave—unless…
by Julia Kramer

Recent years have been a seller’s market in terms of employment. Open jobs were scarce commodities, they did not stay vacant and available very long, and salary negotiations w...

Who you hire is your most important decision.
by Rob Lieblein

“The most important decisions that businesspeople make are not ‘what’ decisions, but ‘who’ decisions.” —Jim Collins, author of Good to ...

Be straight, don't surgarcoat, consider alternatives, talk to legal, then stick to the plan.
by Julia Kramer

Sometimes you get dealt a hand you just can’t play out. You struggle to stay in the game, but ultimately you cut your losses, lay your cards on the ...

Do it right and turn ex-employees into company goodwill ambassadors.
by Julia Kramer

Management gurus and HR professionals consistently draw our attention to the importance of employee retention and offer various and sundry ways to keep s...

It can cause enormous management headaches and financial loss.
by Julia Kramer

Beware Skeletons Escaping the Closet

DEK: Negligent hiring may cause you enormous management headaches, financial losses and leave you legally vulnerable.


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