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Brokerage Business
A well-rounded comp program considers case size, retention and loss ratio AND growth.

You’ve got two goals when motivating salespeople. One is, obviously, to get them flashing those pearly whites to their clients and potential customers. ...

Reward employees for meeting long- and short-term corporate, business unit and individual goals.
by Rob Lieblein

Have you started building a strategic plan? Perhaps you have one in place that you’re just dusting off. Or maybe you’re looking at your list of ...

How does your firm measure up to the competition?
by Julia Kramer

To keep pace in the recruitment and retention marathon, a firm must find the ways and the means to keep its compensation structure competitive in the current market. In our industry, ...

Employees with a stake in your firm act like they own the place and boost performance.
by Rob Lieblein

Please stand and repeat after me: it is easier to keep a customer than to solicit a new one; it is easier to keep a good employee than to train a new one; it is easier to keep a bus...

Does yours create hunters of new business or farmers of old?
by Rob Lieblein

Just as a nomadic tribe could settle down and build houses once they found a place that was inhabitable year-round, so too can your salespeople settle comfortably into a profitable ...

Try incentive compensation for all.
by Rob Lieblein

When you hand out holiday gifts, do they go only to one segment of your employee population? How about your health plan or other benefits—are they doled out to a select few? To ...

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