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Use your budget to guide you.

Who do you believe? When it comes time for business planning, you probably look at the economic forecast and recent performance numbers put out by the government and economists at t...

Create a high-performance business culture that defies the gravity of your competition.
by Rob Lieblein

Do you want to go the way of the Aztek? No, that’s not a misspelling of the ancient meso-American people, but it could be a harbinger of what might happen to your firm.

In October...

Finding that competitive edge: internal collaboration..
by Rob Lieblein

Whether or not you’re a hiker, recent times have been brutal on everyone in our business. It’s as though we’re trudging up a mountain with no peak in sight. Betwee...

Company culture separates good from great.
by Rob Lieblein

Culture is the foundation of any firm. No matter how good your services, products, employees or people, without a strong culture you will never fully succeed. It is indisputable that ...

A company’s culture must translate into specific actions that influence events in the company, the industry and the marketplace.
by Rob Lieblein

It has been said that the only thing we take to our grave is our reputation. Money, success, these sorts of things must be left behind. But in the minds of ...

We all think we are straight shooters, good listeners, and people who appreciate and support each other. But saying so doesn’t make it true.
by Rob Lieblein

There’s much industry talk about the demise of the independent agency due to the aging of the insurance workforce and the dearth of new talent coming up...

Put lip service aside. It’s time to make talent your priority.
by Rob Lieblein

Recently the coffee powerhouse Starbucks took a drastic step toward quality. The company that started and rode the coffee craze for ...

Management Must Create Culture to Overcome Silos
by Rob Lieblein

Here’s an easy question: Whenever has it been more important for your staff to work as a team? Obviously, the answer is “never.”
If your staff does not pull together in...

Create a Sense of Urgency
by Rob Lieblein

We have a crisis of complacency, and it’s something that needs to be tackled head-on if our businesses are to rise healthy and productive out of this economic downturn.


Follow the Edicts of the Malcolm Baldrige Award
by Rob Lieblein


Have you ever had a really good tool that just plain works and is perfect for the job?

Whether you’re a woodworker who appreciates a great miter ...

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