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Promote health-conscious marriage between your client and his workers.
by Rob Lieblein

We need to abandon our old-school way of providing reactionary benefits and adopt a consumerism approach.

Some call this “mission impossible” because they don’t...

The old brokerage business model is dying.
by Rob Lieblein

The free market system will lead the way to true healthcare reform and the delivery and distribution systems will follow the money. We will ultimately move to a consumer-based model. ...

Reality must set in with your business environment.
by Rob Lieblein

The sun is shining, the convertible top is down, and when a good breeze comes up, you can smell the roses and not even have to stop to do it. What could be finer!

Ever meet a person lik...

Take advantage of golden opportunities in your firm.
by Rob Lieblein

Most brokerages, as they navigate their courses, face three choices.

  • Hard to port. Sell the firm. Easy way out perhaps, but does that route supply the best s...
Create an advisory board with outside expertise.
by Rob Lieblein

Here’s a conversation you might hear around the coffee pot at a stereotypical brokerage:

Boss: Say, I’ve got a good idea.


In tough times, it's more than buy low and sell high.
by Rob Lieblein

Despite the recent recession, visionaries are looking well ahead into a future where there still will be companies winning and losing, where there still will be agencies serving up great...

Follow the criteria to improve your firm.
by Rob Lieblein

Have you ever had a really good tool that just plain works and is perfect for the job?

Whether you’re a woodworker who appreciates a great miter saw or a cook who has...

Here are metrics on how it's done.
by Rob Lieblein


The insurance industry is in turmoil. Most firms are seeing their overall value decrease. Many would like to blame the marketplace—fewer buyers and more seller...

Your Old Group Benefits Model Won't Work
by Rob Lieblein

Stop worrying about the fallout from any healthcare reform. Focus instead on other changes.

I believe we can expect to see the employee benefits distribution model signific...

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